Tuesday, June 11, 2013

RAAM starts today.

Join us in supporting Maria Parker in her solo RAAM for brain cancer research.
The 3000 Miles to a Cure Team in Oceanside, California!

Many of you may already know that The Race Across America starts today.  I'm rooting for Maria Parker who is riding a Cruzbike Vendetta for the team "3000 Miles to a Cure."

Speaking personally, I've been thoroughly impressed by every aspect of Cruzbike, whether it's the people in the company, the bikes, their commitment to R&D and race-testing, or their approach to production, with continual improvement to bikes even in the middle of model years.

My own experience has shown that their entry-level "Sofrider" holds its own with bents at twice the price and their Vendetta racer, in the right hands, is so fast it should be controlled and licensed, if not outlawed...in UCI races....  Oh wait, it is.  I'm stocking their full line, including the new Vendetta, which arrived just yesterday.  I'm generally able to teach people to ride the front-wheel drive in less than an hour.

Bikes specially-tuned for various terrain
Maria Parker's three RAAM Vendettas, each optimized for different conditions. This is a remarkable sight, given that the RAAM Vendetta's production run consists of only 25 frames.  So, what you're seeing here is 12% of all RAAM Vendettas in existence.

Commercial over.  Here's how to follow RAAM and team "3000 Miles to a Cure."

TWITTER (@3000toacure)

INSTAGRAM (@3000toacure)

VINE (Video clips!)

Where's Maria

CoverIt Live on our Facebook Page

Live RAAM Tracking

News Media

There is a Wall Street Journal article about Maria that is set to be published Tuesday June 11th.

Al Jazeera English says they'll broadcast their coverage of Maria on Tuesday.

More info. about 3000 Miles to a Cure:





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