Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cruzbike Quest: Flag? Seat Padding?

On Thursday, July 30, 2015, F--- M---- wrote:

Do you have a recommendation for a flag for the Quest?  I am feeling more confident and would like to venture out on the road.

Also I find the padding of the seat is not the greatest.  Any suggestions?  I have made a pad out of an old Yoga mat which has helped greatly.

Hi F---,

Flag: I personally don't ride with a flag, so I can't suggest a solution I believe in.  And I rarely sell flags except to trike riders.

Personally, I wear a high-viz lime green helmet (Bell and Lazer make models) and usually wear high-viz clothing -- a shirt or a highway worker's high-viz safety vest/jacket (avail. on-line) and/or a high-viz "buff" around my neck.  For high-viz gear, here's a link, though I don't know these guys.

Padding.  Again, it seems that different riders have different experiences with the seat padding.  For me, the standard padding is fine but I know others have wanted something softer or thicker.

Yours is actually one of the better solutions I've heard because it's probably closed-core foam rubber, which should be durable.  I'd maybe glue the old yoga mat together permanently and then cut it to shape, or search on-line for closed core foam sleeping pads that I could cut to shape.  If I was to do it properly, I'd also buy some velcro and attach it to the seat.  I have one customer who likes using computer packing foam under the back of his seat.  There's no "official" solution for this one, I'm afraid.

Have fun and stay healthy,
Robert Matson
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