Friday, January 27, 2017

Act now: improve bike access to George Washington Bridge. Port Authority taking comments

Port Authority taking comments on 10-yr Capital Plan

Our friend Neile Weissman has been working hard to ensure cyclists get improved access on the George Washington Bridge. This is important.
He writes us:

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Fellow Cyclist,

Between now and February 15, the Port Authority is taking public comments on its 10-year Capital Plan.  Now is the chance to call on them to include wider paths on the George Washington Bridge.

Please take a few moments to email the PA and the Governor.  Even a one-sentence email will make a difference.

Neile Weissman
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Sample Statement
“I call upon the the Port Authority to include the upgrade of George Washington Bridge paths to national standards in its 10 Year Capital Plan, both for the safety of all users, as well as to support the growth of bicycling across the region.”

1/31 from 5-8PM at 4 World Trade Center (prep 1-2-3 minute versions of remarks)

Your NYC Councilmember to support Resolution 1072-2016

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Starting in 2017 the Port Authority will undertake a $1.9 billion reconstruction and recabling of the George Washington Bridge.  This will include ripping out and replacing the 1931-era 7’ paths.
With weekend use averaging 3700 cyclists per day and growing at 10% per year, this should be the opportunity for the PA to widen the paths to national standards, instead they plan to restore them as “sidewalks."

More Info 

Image at top. Cyclists’ Proposal for the GWB: (2) 10′ paths for cyclists. (2) 7′ paths for peds-runners on the upper level. 9′ high anti-suicide barrier. Rendering by Joseph Lertola.

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Have fun and stay healthy,
Robert Matson
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