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HP Velotechnik Body Link and Ergo Mesh seats

Here's a Rider/Robert Q&A

Hi Robert,

[Regarding HP Velotechnik seats] Can you send me any links regarding the different seat options? I know there is another option that come standard with the bike... I think this is probably a really important component for overall comfort. 
What are your thoughts for the Ergo Mesh seat? Also, does the headrest cradle your neck? Does it get in the way of your helmet? 

Hi B--,

There isn't much on the HP site about the Ergo Mesh seat.  In my experience, it's more popular on the trikes than on the two wheelers.  The Body Link and Ergo Mesh are the same "price" -- you get either one at no difference in cost.

On the StreetMachine Gte, the Ergo Mesh seat requires the extra-wide underseat handlebars.  The seat is 8 oz heavier and softer, so requires more effort on the uphills.  It's also a bit higher and that, plus the shape with a straight front, makes it harder to touch the ground while stopped (e.g. at a light).

On the up-side -- the benefits -- in hot weather it'll feel more breathable and it has a nice 1 liter capacity zipper pocket at the top of the set. It also has good lumbar support for those who require that.

I sell more Body Link seats than Ergo Mesh, but I always have Ergo Mesh seats on hand for people to try.


As for the headrest, it should be positioned at the base of the neck.  I wouldn't say it "cradles" the neck, which to me implies support left, center back and right.  The headrest only touches the back of the head, which is desirable so you can turn your head for views, watch traffic, etc.  You can adjust it fore-aft and up-down.  Some people like the headrest touching the helmet, some don't.  Some prefer it at the base of their neck (personally, that's where I like it).  Also, riders with a shorter torso may have less room for adjustments than a longer-torsoed rider because you can only lower it just so much until it bottoms out at the top of the seat.

I know of no page on the HP Velotechnik site dedicated to the Ergo Mesh seat but there is one (several, actually) dedicated to the Body Link seat and there are pages with some photos that may help you see the seat:

I hope that helps!

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