Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Headrests for the Cruzbike Quest and Sofrider

A customer recently asked about headrests for the Cruzbike Quest.  Although there are beautiful headrests for the Silvio and Vendetta, at this time Cruzbike does not make a headrest specially for the Quest or Sofrider.  However, with a little drilling and bolt-twisting, riders can install third-party headrests.  Here are some recommendations:

HP Velotechnik's headrest

- HP Velotechnik's carbon fiber adjustable headrest, made for their body link seat.  It attaches with two bolts.  Riders need to drill matching bolt holes in the seat of their Quest or Sofrider.  New York City Recumbent Supply keeps them in stock.

ADEM's headrest.
- ADEM's headrest works on the Quest and Sofrider, for which riders will need the "tall" version.  Again, installation requires drilling a few holes.  Riders can buy these on the ADEM website.

I'll add headrests to this blog post if I hear about them.  So, gentle reader, if you have a favorite Cruzbike headrest, please send me the info.

Have fun and rest your head,
Robert Matson
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