Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Safety Flags

Just saw this, thanks to Mick Sims at Greenspeed...

Recumbent bicycles – should the law mandate their visibility?

Submission to the Australian Bicycle Council / Australian Road Rules Maintenance Group regarding perceived visibility of recumbent bicycles and tricycles and other Human Powered Vehicles.
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Riding in New York City, sometimes I use a flag, and, because I don't like them, sometimes I don't. When using it, I'm sure that cars give me, on average, more space than when I don't, but I don't have measurements. Regardless, my attorney believes using high visibility gear -- safety flags, safety vests, reflective tape -- help strengthen a cyclist's case if he's hit. It certainly weakens the non hit-and-run motorists' most common excuse "I didn't see him" or "he was invisible." In the USA, fear of a strong law suit is often our best protection. Still, I hate the idea of legislated safety gear, including helmets.

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