Thursday, May 27, 2010

There is HP Velotechnik, and then there's the rest.

I don't like to play favorites, but time and again, I'm amazed by the way HP Velotechnik pays attention to tiny but crucial details.

They do a better job of wrapping bikes, than most.

Here is a Street Machine Gte in the process of being unwrapped for final assembly. Almost every other bicycle manufacturer in the world could learn something from this photo.

Of course you can clearly see this is a Scorpion fs about to be unpacked. Ain't nothin' getting scratched or dented or bent in that box.

Having said this, mind you, Volae packs their bikes equally well, which is why I also like Volae. That is to say, I like manufacturers who, when you buy a fresh new bike from them, you receive a fresh new bike. (Why all manufacturers can't do this is a complete friggin' mystery to me.)

It's in the tiny things, where they really set themselves apart. Like, with a simple water bottle. Friends, there are water bottles, and then there are HP Velotechnik Moonbiker water bottles.

Look closely. In case you missed it...
- It has two-color printing (not just one-color).
- It is translucent, so you can see what's in it and how much remains.
- The plastic doesn't smell nasty. (But you can't see that.)
- The graphic is huge, covering most the water bottle (costs more, looks better).
- It has a good well-threaded screw top with a good nipple so it simply works better. (You can't see that either.)
- It has milliliter markings on the side. Check it out.
- And, of course, each water bottle arrives separately, and entirely, wrapped in a sheet of bubble wrap so you get it in perfect condition.

Who else cares so deeply about the people who ride their bikes, and the quality of that experience, that they go to this kind of effort? Very few, my friends, very few.

Robert Matson
New York City Recumbent Supply (TM)
The Innovation Works, Inc.
copyright 2010 Robert Matson

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