Wednesday, May 25, 2011

bicycling in NYC pre-car, post-safety bike -- 1895-1905

A bent friend Dan (yellow V-Rex) sent this in:


The Museum of the City of New York is digitizing its massive collection of photographs (some 62,000 over the next few months) and found several of interest about bicycling in the period 1895-1905. Of interest: a picture of Grant's Tomb, a photo of Riverside drive that looks positively rustic, Long Island City (which was bustling at that time), and a personal favorite--the sport cyclists group riding down to Coney Island by way of the Ocean Parkway Bike Path. The Bike Path is the oldest in the country, opened in 1895 with a parade of some 10,000 cyclists.

No hipsters, either (there's a guy sporting the prize-winning bike togs of the day).


Robert Matson
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