Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Inspiring short gear list for a world tour.

Cyclists David Byrne and Julie Retka have an inspiring gear list on their website "Recycling the World."  Go see it.  I'm impressed that he's traveling so simply and using only two and a half panniers. Nice example of lightweight touring.

Note that David is riding a Cruzbike Sofrider (version V2).  For pannier racks, he's using Axiom front racks custom-attached to his bike. Since the current version of the Sofrider doesn't readily take underseat racks, that seems to be the best solution.

Julie rides a Cruzbike Quest. Photos (buried in the blog) show it fitted with racks and bags.

All in all, an inspiring bit of "keeping it simple" and "Doing It Yourself" and "just getting out and seeing the world."

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