Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Just chatting about the weather.

Warmer weather is here. I like it. But I also like skiing and this marks the tailing of the remotely-local cross-country ski season...and the tailing of my slow season.

A manufacturer in Finland, Mirage Bikes (, wrote me that their x-c ski season is coming to an end as well, but he (the writer) hopes to complete 1000 km (!) of skiing -- apx. 620 miles -- before then. I'm envious.

Nomad Red
Mirage Bikes' Nomad.

I'm settling for one more weekend of skiing in the Adirondacks and then we're in the backpack and pannier season. Today was the first day in ages to ride withOUT studded winter tires and WITH the sunshine, both. How nice.

Bike trips planned? There's the 10-day 2014 Prince Edward Island bike trip I'm co-leading for the Appalachian Mountain Club, but that's ages away. Sooner than that, if I can get away for a week, I may schedule an AMC trip in the Daks, VT, or Catskills. What's with the idle chatter? I'm supposed to use the world's most pervasive media outlet -- FB -- for marketing right? Or improving the world?

Okay, how's this: HP Velotechnik's new Scorpion fs 26 came in the other week. Unbelievably nice trike. Get your demos here.

HP Velotechnik's Scorpion fs 26
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