Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Extended customer review of a Cruzbike Quest

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[Ed. note: this customer wrote an extended review of his experience testing, buying and learning to ride a Cruzbike Quest. I've reprinted only an excerpt here, but it's a useful review for those who want to weed out the real-life experiences of Cruzbike riders from the hype.]

"....I made an appointment with Robert (NYC Recumbent Supply, link below) for a lesson. He starts me out on a Cruzbike Quest, one of those MBB bikes. Mind you, I was prepared for a challenge. I’d read about the learning curve, and was ready for some difficulty. An hour and a half later, white knuckled, the beginnings of blisters on my hands from a death grip on the handlebars, and buzzing on adrenaline from 90 minutes of “OMG doesn’t riding a bike since you were six years old count for anything?” and I’m still riding on the edge between control and wipeout. I felt like a beginner. But you can’t really fall on a recumbent. When you lose your balance the leg on the side your falling towards instinctively goes out to catch yourself. I lost my balance many times, only at low speed, never crashed. During the lesson Robert also let me try a conventional rear wheel drive bent...."

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