Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mandatory: spend 10 minutes to save lives; possibly your own.

In the here-and-now presently-apocalyptic world of Cyclists vs. Shysters, two new fronts have opened.  Read on.

In order to ensure you continue to get life-saving bike lanes, you need to spend 10 minutes today to tell your council member what you think.  (Suggestion: you want bike lanes because they decrease injuries and save lives for ALL street users -- motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, skaters, dog walkers, dogs, cats, you name it -- and you want them fast, before the next 100 people needlessly die on New York City roads.)

Here are some facts so you better understand just how serious this business is:
Browse around here:
Here's an article at on the subject
See my previous blog entry: Get involved in local politics to improve street safety.

And here are the two stories and what you should do:

New York Cycle Club Alert: Where You Can Help

Issue: Queens Councilman Eric Ulrich has announced a proposal for citywide bike licensing.

Action needed: Email the Councilman (e-mail address: eulrich [at] council [dot] nyc [dot] gov) and tell him why this scapegoating of all cyclists for the bad habits of a few is wrong.  Mention you are a member of New York Cycle Club to show that, all together, we have clout.

Central Park Alert: The past week has seen a ticketing blitz by police directed at Park cyclists running red lights. This has occurred regardless of hour or density of traffic, pedestrian or otherwise, leaving a number of our members with $270 fines.

* * *

Councilmembers James Oddo and Vincent Ignizio (Staten Island, Republican) are demanding new bike lanes be subject to a lengthy and unnecessary review process.

Paul Steely White
Executive Director,
Transportation Alternatives ("T.A.")

Dear T.A. StreetBeat Reader,

As reported by the New York Post, Staten Island Republican Councilmembers James Oddo and Vincent Ignizio are demanding that all new bike lanes be subject to a lengthy -- and highly unnecessary -- review process. Councilmembers Oddo and Ignizio's proposal would put a snarl of red tape and potentially years of waiting time between New Yorkers and life-saving improvements to their streets.

Take Action:

Send Councilmembers Oddo and Ignizio a fax and stand up against a long, drawn-out review bogging down life-saving bike lanes. Tell Councilmember Oddo and Ignizio that New Yorkers need bike lanes. We will not stand for their attack on safe streets.

T.A.'s legal committee is fast at work on an official answer to this nonsense. Meanwhile, before other Councilmembers begin blaming every other traffic jam on bicyclists, we need you to tell Councilmember James Oddo that obstructing the installation of bike lanes will only make our streets more dangerous for cyclists, pedestrians and motorists alike.

On Manhattan's 9th Avenue, a parking-protected bike lane and its accompanying pedestrian islands reduced injuries for everyone by 56 percent. That's drivers, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists, all safer because of a bike lane. Because bike lanes make streets safer for pedestrians and drivers too, their timely installation is integral to making our streets safer for everyone.

T.A. needs your help to defeat this attack on bicycling before it gets started. Stand up for your right to bicycle in a safe lane! Send an e-fax to Councilmember Oddo now!

Paul Steely White
Executive Director,
Transportation Alternatives

Councilmembers Here!

Not sure who your councilmember is?  Find out here:

To e-mail your councilmember, find their name and e-mail address below.  You could also pick up the phone and call their office.  I'm not certain how to address them, but try "Your Honor" -- can't be too far off -- and let me know how that goes.

MATHIEU EUGENE            
GALE BREWER                   
MARGARET CHIN                
LEROY COMRIE                   
LEWIS A. FIDLER                
HELEN D. FOSTER              
Daniel R. Garodnick              
James F. Gennaro                   
VINCENT IGNIZIO              
ROBERT JACKSON             
LETICIA JAMES                  
PETER KOO                          
G. Oliver Koppell       
Karen Koslowitz         
BRAT LANDER           
Stephen Levin           
Melissa Mark-Viverito 
Darlene Mealy           
Rosie Mendez            
JAMES S. ODDO        
Domenic M. Recchia, Jr
JOEL RIVERA             
Ydanis Rodriguez       
ERIC ULRICH             
JAMES VACCA            
ALBERT VANN            
Mark Weprin              
RUBEN WILLS            

Stand up for safe cycling, today.

Robert Matson
New York City Recumbent Supply (TM)
The Innovation Works, Inc.
copyright 2011 Robert Matson

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