Sunday, September 25, 2011

24-hour overnight bike camping trips from NYC

I'm in the process of gathering a list of the best 24-hour overnight bike camping trips (aka, "S24O") in the New York Metro area. If you have a few favorite spots that you're willing to share, send them in.

Like me, however, you probably don't want your favorite bike-camping spots overrun by self-centered yahoos (the kind that write comments calling me a "douche" for not publishing a list of good bike camping spots near the city, or who ask me "what the point" of a blog is if I don't share secrets, as if I owe them something).  Like most people, I go bike-camping to get away from bozos, not to encourage them to join me.

Here's the deal I'm offering.  If you have a favorite 24-hr. bike-camping trip from NYC, send me the route and destination. After I've checked it out to see if it meets my totally subjective criteria for "good," I'll send you one in return. That's all there is to it. The result is we both multiply our 24-hour trip options but haven't ruined them by inviting the whole world to our favorite spots. Ain't that cool. If I think your destination is only so-so, I'll send you one of my so-so destinations.

For more info. about what makes for a good 24-hr. bike trip, see this article published by Rivendell Bicycle Works. (Let me know if the link is broken; they seem to move the article from time to time.)

For those who think I owe them routes, without offering me anything good as a trade, here is your route:
ride north on Bike Route 9 (9W, etc.) till you can't go any further.  Sleep in a ditch next to the road.  Ride back home.  Touring is easy.  Just go out and do it.

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