Monday, August 15, 2011

New /Gekko/: what the heck is the price?

HP Velotechnik has announced a new /Gekko/.  This /Gekko/, instead of folding, has a separable frame.  This is a nice solution for riders who don't expect to benefit from the easy and fast fold.  Also, it enables a still lower price point for the USA version, with savings provided by having no folding technology.

I haven't yet seen the trike in order to know how the chain is managed when the trike is separated but, in their usual way, I expect HPV will have a clever solution.


There will be a European version and a less expensive USA version.

The European version /Gekko/ will be $2,590.
The USA version /Gekko/ will be $2,190, with a faster delivery time for New York riders.

If this is planned out like the Gekko fx, this means the European version will have a higher-end spec and a choice of the full range of options and accessories.  The following are the differences between the European Gekko fx and the USA Gekko fx.  If the /Gekko/ follows this pattern, I would anticipate similar differences.  I would also anticipate that the difference in cost will be partially attributable to reduced customs duty and shipping.

In the USA version Gekko fx:
- no snake seal
- no chain guard
- slightly different bolts
- Isoflow cranks
- different rear hub (cheaper)

Same with the USA /Gekko/?  We shall see.


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