Friday, August 9, 2013

Adirondacks tour: 750-miles of hills on a Street Machine Gte

Robert Matson (hi), modeling high-viz in high places, at the end of the road to the top of Whiteface Mountain, fifth highest peak in the Adirondacks at 4,867' at summit. You can see a bit of Lake Placid in the background. On a good day you can see hundreds of miles, but not today.
There was no safe place to leave my luggage, so I rode to the top with my Street Machine Gte fully loaded, with my stuff heavy and wet from the rain. In other words, yes, recumbents can "do hills." And, yes, the Street Machine kicks butt. Photo copyr. 2013 Robert Matson

I recently got back from a solo, unsupported trip through the Adirondacks in New York state.  I took the Metro North from New York City to Poughkeepsie, NY and began riding from there.  Over the next few weeks, as time allows, I'll post photos and notes.

750 miles
12 days
1 mountain above 4,600 feet (Whiteface Mountain).
Avg. speed for trip: 10.3 mph
Max speed: 50.4 mph (I hit 50.2 going from Whiteface down into Wilmington, and then hit 50.4 on the road from Lake Placid to Keene. Whiteface into Wilmington was fine, with a good road surface and very few cars. Placid to Keene was a different story, with steep, narrow roads with cracked surfaces and terrible drivers. I was so glad I was riding a Street Machine.)
Total elevation climbed: uncountable.
Started/ended riding in Poughkeepsie, NY. (Rode from Brooklyn to Grand Central Station.  Took Metro North to Poughkeepsie.)
Solo trip, fully loaded, unsupported.
Weather? It stunk. Thunderstorms and rain every day but one, with hot humid weather between the storms. Most of the scenic views were obscured by rain, clouds, mist and fog. (Yes, there were moments of whining to myself.) But at least it wasn't windy.
Zero incidents, zero accidents, zero flat tires, zero mechanical problems, zero animal bites. But don't ask me about mosquito, black fly, and midge bites.
No. of appearances of the first aid kit? Maybe once or twice. But my feet began to blister on Day 11.
No. of incidents of road rage? One. An SUV (what else) with California plates (where else) on a a campground (WTF?). In general, other than on the road out of Lake Placid, drivers were quite cool.
Number of wrong turns and times I got lost? One. I took a wrong turn on the second to last day in Hudson, NY, but it was quickly corrected. That's a pretty darn good record, if I may say so myself.
Panniers: Radical Designs
Bike: HP Velotechnik Street Machine Gte (accept no substitutes).

Stop whining about the rain and just ride,
Robert Matson
New York City Recumbent Supply
The Innovation Works, Inc.
copyright 2013 Robert Matson

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