Thursday, August 11, 2011

Good lightweight camping food - it exists

Better pre-packaged lightweight camping food.

(This entry is as much a "note-to-self" as it is a note-to-readers.)

First of all, the nutritionally conscious will buy a dehydrator and make their own dehydrated meals (which are generally considered more nutritious than freeze-dried meals.)

Or, if you want someone else to do the work for you, here are two nice options, recommended by reliable sources:

Hawk Vittles
Lightweight gourmet meals made by a chef.  Nutritious, creative recipes.
(Post trip review: good taste and looks good, but doesn't thoroughly soften and bag shape makes it difficult to stir. Quantity size: okay.  Those who need more calories may want to buy double-sized meals.)

Pack It Gourmet
Haven't yet tried it.

This one is an internet discovery.  Haven't tried it.

Pack Lite Foods
Try it and let me know how it is.

Wise Company

But better than what?

Alas, both these brands have carried me through hundreds -- maybe thousands -- of miles.  But, I'm simply no longer enthused by their offerings.

Backpackers Pantry

Mountain House

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  1. Good suggestions! We actually offer a sample of both Mountainhouse and Wise Food for FREE (just pay shipping) if anyone is interested in checking them out. Good choices for camping food!